Monday, 4 April 2016

HUMAN - DOGS sold as pet

Image result for human-dog

Image result for human-dog

North American Scientist have created a hybrid life form by Human-Dog, a cross between humans and dogs, to entertain/cater market of super rich people who like collecting unique  pets.

Dr. William Bateman, 43, who have created these human hybrids explains ''there is only so much you can buy a person who has it all.''

Animal right groups are up in arms, as Paul cross, 27, activist with the animal defense league explains '' if one my children see these creatures, they'd are scared half to death. imagine one of them sucking on your toes, in a dark alley.''

Dr. Bateman also explained some of the advantages having Human-Dogs hybrids, '' they are very intelligent and unique and they can also communicate, as their vocal cords are functional. this means not only can they keep you company like a dog can, they can talk and even read with little training.''
currently these human-dog hybrid is being sold around $5 million.

Not only are they being sold in North America, but there are orders for them in Manchester, Cardiff and London.

Experiments to create half-men, half-beasts or Human hybrids are not legal in most jurisdiction. The construction of such hybrid life forms is now prohibited most states.